Misha Collins


My four-year-old is way more spiritually advanced than me. Watch this and you will see what I mean

When I was a kid, most of my wishes were kid-wishes: I’d wish for infinity wishes or the ability to fly under my own power. But I also remember wishing for a warm, dry place to sleep. Though we had a great childhood full of adventures and our mom loved us fiercely, sometimes our family simply didn’t have the money to put a roof over our heads and from time to time we found ourselves homeless and sleeping in a tent. 

I'm an adult with kids of my own now, but I still remember what it's like to wish for a place to call home... and I still believe in the power of wishes. 

100% of profits from the I Wish For This campaign will go to charity, with the goal of providing long-term housing for homeless moms and their families. In particular, I want to see if we can eradicate homelessness for mothers and their kids in the city of Bellingham, Washington. The money raised from this campaign will fund a partnership between Random Acts and Lydia Place, an organization that provides shelter and support to homeless women and their kids. As of earlier this year there were 98 homeless moms with kids in the Bellingham area; partnering with Lydia Place and local property owners, we've already placed 12 local moms and their kids in stable long term housing... so we only have 86 families to go! My hope is that we can provide a template that other cities can follow to help end homelessness for families once and for all... because no kid should ever have to wish for a safe place to sleep at night. 




  • Tara Bennett

    Some dogs need home place to live full of love need family need to love of careing to play dog and pupies need food

  • CeeKayNJ

    Love the SPN Community/Family and their charities. Great job guys, keep it up! Let’s try and change the world together. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Laurene Stone

    Thank you Misha for sharing your story and the Stands program! My Son and I went through similar things, only I got sick and could no longer work. We lost everything and became homeless. Thanks to the kindness of people we got into a better place. That was nearly 20 years ago. Thank you for what you do. You are an angel! Been paying it forward.

  • Elizabeth Dean

    As someone who works for a nonprofit, it’s always great to see people give back to local communities. It is in these areas where people can make the most immediate and impactful changes. I wish this whole campaign the best of luck and hope that other cities and towns follow your example!

  • Chandler scyrkels

    You are so sweet and I love all of the things you do for people, you are a great person!! Never stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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