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The 2019 Embracelet

  • $5.00
  • $20.00

None of us are ever alone. We’re all connected, like links in a chain. And together, when we combine forces and surround each other with love, support, and strength, we can conquer just about any problem the world throws our way.

Want tangible proof? You’ve got it: introducing the Embracelet! This exclusive bracelet is made of certified 100% badass metal that’s as strong as you are, and features charms dreamed up by the cast of Supernatural!

Throughout the year, we’ll release different SPN-themed charms, each one designed by your cast faves and each going to help support a different great cause. It’s like being armed with a set of metal merit badges that jingle on your wrist! It’s also categorical proof that the more charitable you are, the more charming you are.

So get your Embracelet and join us as we link up to change the world. What could be more charming than that?

  • Charms sold separately.
  • Bracelet nickel free, silver-plated iron and pewter with lobster clasp / 15" length / Imported
  • Bracelets orders will ship approximately 2-5 business days after placing your order. If your order also includes a backordered item, your order won't ship until all items are available.