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Ola Mishamigos Phone Wallet

  • $2.00
  • $5.99
Ola, Mishamigos! This exclusive phone wallet will help you keep track of your ID cards just in case you’re ever accidentally sucked into a parallel dimension where everybody thinks you’re not really you but instead are a fake version of your self portraying yourself on a cult genre TV show with a tiny but fiercely devoted fan following. (Hey, it happens.)
The sleek design is emblazoned with a print reminiscent of the favorite sweater of some actor and it’s the perfect size for carrying everything you need along with your phone. Because you’re totally gonna tweet about this later, guys.
Best of all, a portion of all proceeds will go to Random Acts to help conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time. (This world. Not the parallel-dimension world. Well, maybe that one, too.)
  • Silicone pocket with adhesive backing / Pocket fits standard credit cards and driver's licenses. / 3 3/8" L × 2 3/16" W / Imported
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