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"Food To Die For" Cooking Class with Amy Bruni (Class Only)

August 4 at 10am PT/1pm ET
  • $30.00
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Ready to cook up some fun with one of America’s favorite ghost hunters? Amy Bruni, a veteran paranormal investigator, has a new cookbook filled with delicious recipes, spine-tingling stories, and historic photos from the most notoriously haunted locations across America. And now you can concoct one of the recipes with Amy LIVE from your home!

Join Amy’s exclusive online cooking class on August 4, 2024 at 10am PT/1pm ET using a recipe from her new cookbook, Food to Die For!

History buffs, thrill-seekers, and foodies will all get shivers seeing the past come to life with every enchanted recipe and delicious tale from Food to Die For. This compendium of ghostly treats takes you to mysterious hotels, eerie ghost towns, and possessed pubs in this delightfully sinister collection of stories and recipes.

Want to dive deeper? Join her private Meet & Greet session so you can gab about ghosts, and she can regale you with more haunting recipe backstories!