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Movie Magic with Jake Abel (Class 2 - ONLY)

Class Two: September 7 at 10am PT/1pm ET
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Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn your stories into movies? Well, our virtual filmmaking class with Jake Abel is NOW IN SESSION! Multiple award-wanting writer/director/producer/actor Jake Abel is offering an exclusive LIVE online class  series designed to help you make your cinematic dreams a reality!

Purchase the class, or you can get a MEET & GREET OPTION HERE for a free afterparty roundtable Meet & Greet, which comes with General Admission!

::Class Descriptions::

September 7 @ 10am PT/1pm ET  - Class 2: Shoot for the Stars

Have you ever wanted to make your own short film? Jake will share the basics of film production from start to finish with approachable, actionable steps. Take your story from the page to the screen and get tips on doing it for less than you think!

  • What are the key elements of filming?
  • How do you know you’ve filmed everything you need?
  • Why is Jake such a talented director?

We may answer one or none of these!

REWATCH THE CLASS HERE!  - Class 1: Developing Story

Multi-hyphenate writer-actor-director Jake Abel held the first in his exclusive filmmaking class series to discuss the development of stories and scripts in July.

  • How do you take a concept and put it on the page?
  • What must all stories have to be compelling?
  • Why is Jake so attractive?

We may have answered one or none of these!


Do you want something to commemorate Jake's unique brand of classroom instruction? Do you share Jake's love of classic cinema posters? Are you harvesting Jake's DNA? 

Each class comes with a signed collectible poster in a style befitting some of Jake's favorite movie references promoting his infamous COVID-era short film, Quarantine & Chill.