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About Us

Stands is a community created by people like you, for  youWe are an online merchandising portal with a charitable twist. Founded in 2015 by a handful of like minded individuals who believed that by harnessing the voice of actors and the power of fandom, we could change the world. And so, together with you and your friends, we set out to do it. And we are.

How does this work?

It’s simple! An actor/public figure collaborates with an artist (often a fan artist) to create a design that speaks to their personality, a popular role, and/or their charity of choice. We then provide this art to you on a hat, a shirt, a mug, jewelry, a piece of fruit, the side of a sweet 1965 Mustang… you get the idea. A portion of all proceeds go to charity, so with Stands, fans are empowered to actually use their fandom love to help benefit a cause that they and their faves care about.

Where do you sell to? 

We sell in the US and internationally. You can purchase your items from anywhere in the world and we will get them to you, with the exception of Antarctica. Because no. (At least not yet. But if you’re a really cute penguin, email us. We’ll talk.)

How long will this take? (I'm naked!)

If you live in Iowa, the entire process may take a week or two. If you live on the side of a mountain on a remote island… in the middle of Narnia… without a brightly painted address on the curb… well, you can expect it to take just a little longer. Our distribution centers are located in the US and the UK, so some items will need time to clear customs depending on your location (we’re looking at you, Brazil and Australia), but we promise, it will get there. Before you purchase, please look at the expected shipping dates on the sales page and then set your “hurry-up clock” accordingly.

Shipping Rates...ugh... and also, ugh. Did I mention “ugh?”

We know… Trust us, we know! For now, we offer flat rate shipping and ship all our orders via USPS for US and by weight and carrier for international orders. In some countries we also require an additional charge for postal tracking so we can monitor the delivery, because we’re committed to making sure it gets to you, not to Luis the llama in darkest Peru. (Unless you happen to be Luis the llama in darkest Peru, in which case, thank you for your order and don’t worry… it’s on its way!)

How much of my purchase is donated?

Our actors work with their individual chosen charities to determine donations based on the charities' needs. Occasionally, it is a specific dollar amount for a project, but most of the time it’s calculated as an overall percentage of sales. We'd love to blab more about this, but we unfortunately cannot disclose actor financials as this money is considered to be a direct donation from our actor clients to their chosen charities, not a donation from STANDS.  What we can disclose is that in addition to the actors' support, STANDS donates 10% of our net profit from every campaign towards the cause represented in each campaign. We are happy to report that in the last year alone, we've worked with actors and fandoms to help raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for some incredible causes. (Like we said: Changing. The. World. Together. That's what it's really all about.)

Can I submit my artwork for consideration?

We would love that! Occasionally, we run very specific art contests, but if you would like to show us pieces from your portfolio so we can get an overall sense of you style, that works too! Please upload your amazing art HEREIf we find that your work speaks to one of our campaigns, we’ll be sure to reach out to you with more information.

Who or what is an Otis?

Otis is our customer service corgi, obviously. You can contact him at with any questions regarding your order. Please provide your purchase email and order number for Otis. He is a good boy.