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Free shipping

So, kind of a long story, but here's a quick recap: Fluffy got jacked up on catnip and salmon treats, and we spent the rest of the day chasing her through the warehouse. About three hours in, we accidentally struck upon what just may be the most meowmentous idea in hisstory: What if there is an alternate universe where the Supernatural characters are cats?

Introducing the SuperCatural Pins! Your favorites from SPN, purrfectly reimagined in feline form. And since we already know you need them all, we're offering them as a monthly subscription, at a discounted price. Just sign up once, and we'll automatically send you a new pin every month--and no kitten around, we'll even cover the shipping costs for you!

Now, pay attention, because there are some ground rules to this. First and foremost: no catfights (this pun was required by law). Close second: all your favorite SPN characters will have their moment to shine, so no yowling about who hasn't been released yet.

Also, and this is supurrr important: place your subscription order completely separate from anything else. If you try to order other items with your subscription, the results will be cat-astrophic, so you'll have to scratch the whole thing and start over.

At some point later, we'll have each pin available to purchase individually. But those won't include free shipping or the discounted subscription price, so definitely best to sign up now.

We're starting things off strong with (Toe)Bean Hisschester, and all his steely-eyed, plaid glory (and his beloved Impala stuffy). A new pin will be released each month, but even we don't know what order they'll show up (they're cats, after all).


SuperCatural Pins Subscriptions will be charged on the 1st of each month, and will ship approximately 7-10 days later.


frequently asked questions

With our new monthly subscription plan, you will receive each month's coin at a discounted price (compared to buying them a la carte)! No more worrying about coins selling out, paying for shipping, or having to buy each one individually! Simply sign up for your monthly subscription and let the troll treasure flow...

Subscriptions will be billed on the first of the month and ship within 7-10 days after that!

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are two ways through which you can access your customer portal and manage your subscriptions:

When you purchase a product, you will be sent an email with a custom link that will take you to your customer portal. (As per Shopify limitations, it automatically expires every 7 days.)

From there, you can create an account and login, where you will see the "Manage Subscription" button. Clicking it will lead you to the customer portal where you can manage your subscriptions.

We will periodically order more coins, and you will be able to purchase them individually. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to ensure that you have the latest information on product restocks.