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Ghost Pin Collection

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Introducing our Ghost Pin Collection!

Five adorable little haunts, each with their own unique personality.

Groovy Ghost: Feelin' groovy? Maybe a little spooky? Maybe a bit of both (would that be "sproovy" or grooky")? Celebrate your sproovy/grooky side with our Groovy Ghost Enamel Pin! You'll dig this laid back little haunt, all decked out in its adorable flower-power sheet. It'll be a neato addition to your collection.

Ghosts on Ghosts: We heard you like ghosts, so we put ghosts on your ghost, so you can ghost while you ghost. This little guy didn't want to come alone, so he brought backup with him. Wear him and his friends any time you need a bit of extra spookiness!

Leafy Ghost: You'll love our Leafy Ghost Enamel Pin, be-leaf us. It definitely qual-leaf-fies as a favorite (sorry, we can't leaf a good pun unused). This enamel pin is a cute accessory to show your love for springtime flora!

Smiley Ghost: Smile, and the whole world smiles with you (including the afterworld)! Is there any better way to spread happiness than a ghost adorned with smiley faces and daffodils? Make a statement, and make that statement say "Let's be happy!"

Each pin sold separately.

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