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Witch of the Forest's Guide To Astrology Magick

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by Lindsay Squire

Astrology is a powerful tool for tuning into and better understanding yourself and others around you. Aligning your actions with the patterns and signs of the stars can bring you comfort and control in the 21st century, and empower you to really reflect on your present and future actions, and live your happiest life.

Whether you're new to witchcraft OR astrology, discover how to use simple witchcraft and astrology to boost your wellbeing, find self-love and acceptance, and harness the power of the stars and universe in your life as well as your craft.

Beautifully illustrated by Viki Lester, of @forensicsandflowers, this visually enchanting book will help you reconnect with the astrological bodies, rebalance your energies, and find spirital meaning in the universe.

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