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Tiny Ghost In A Bottle Necklace

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We recently had an infestation of tiny ghosts, and our warehouse crew spent the weekend catching them all in little glass bottles. After the last one was rounded up, everyone was high-fiving each other... until someone asked "okay... now what do we do with them?"

Introducing our Tiny Ghost In A Bottle Necklace!

Each necklace comes with an adorable tiny little ghost, sitting in its own little glass jar. And it glows in the dark, as any self-respecting ghost should. Just hold the necklace up to a bright light for a moment to charge it with spectral energy, then watch it glow in the darkness for hours!

Each jar is sealed with a a cork, to make sure your mischievous ghost stays where it should.

Glass bottle. Includes link chain. Handle with care; in case of breakage Stands is not responsible for accidental hauntings.

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