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David Christiansen's "Berserker" Collection

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In Old Norse, "Berserkers" were warriors that fought in a trance-like fury. They hurled themselves in combat, with nothing held back, until the battle was over. Everyone who got near them--friend or foe alike--was subject to attack. The English word "berserk" (meaning "furiously violent or out of control") was derived from those combatants.

These days, being a Berserker can mean a lot of things, though it usually involves a lot less violence. Throwing your entire self into something: art, music, activism, faith, sport... whatever it may be, a Berserker holds nothing back, and is fully consumed by their passion.

Honor your personal Hamask with David Christiansen's "Berserker" collection.

100% bear-skin free. Does not grant immunity to steel or fire.

Unisex T-shirt:

  • Unisex fit / 100% cotton / Machine Wash / Imported

Unisex TALL T-shirt

  • Unisex fit / 100% cotton / Machine Wash / Imported

Unisex Tank Top

  • 100% cotton / Machine Wash / Imported

Unisex Hoodie:

  • Unisex Fit / 50% cotton, 50% polyester

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