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Supernatural Deluxe Note Card Set (with Keepsake Box)

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Just in case you hadn't heard of it: the CW’s hit show Supernatural tells the story of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who, along with help of their powerful ally, the fallen angel Castiel, embark on a lifelong quest to rid the world of demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural threats. Now, you can celebrate your love of Supernatural with this finely crafted deluxe note card set.

Designed to look like an artifact from the show, this set includes:

--20 blank note cards featuring classic quotes from the show
--20 envelopes
--20 embossed sticker seals
--A ruled pocket journal
--A keepsake box for storage

Featuring iconic imagery, art, and quotes from the series, this collectible set is a unique way to celebrate the legacy of their favorite show.

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