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The Complete Enochian Dictionary

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The complete reference for understanding and pronouncing the Enochian language (“the language of the angels”), and the use of evocations to call forth celestial beings and perform Enochian magic.   

In 1581, Dr. John Dee, an advisor in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, began a series of scrying experiments intended to explore the ability to contact the spirit world. He worked with medium Edward Kelley. Dr. Dee expanded Enochian magic, and his methods of invocation were later expounded upon by Aleister Crowley and others.

Donald C. Laycock has thoroughly analyzed the work of Dee and Kelley. His volume includes a history of their experiments, a pronunciation guide for the 21 letters, and an Enochian/English & English/Enochian dictionary.

This new edition includes a preface by internationally acclaimed author and lecturer Stephen Skinner that sets the tone and historical context. American writer and lecturer Lon Milo Duquette’s forword gives a delightful and edifying description of how he and his students put the complete Enochian dictionary to the test with astonishing results.

By Donald C Laycock. Published by Red Wheel/Weiser LLC.

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